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The Mystery of the Rising Water - An Instructional Science Board Game for the Middle Grades

Have you seen what happens where a lighted candle is placed in a bowl of water and covered by a glass?

The Mystery of Rising Water

The explanation may not be what you think.

To probe the results for deeper meaning, and to gain an understanding of scientific inquiry, students choose from 20 cards arranged along the four sides of a square board. Cards are organized into four categories: qualitative and quantitative observations, using mathematics, making and testing predictions, and using evidence to support conclusions.

As students perform a variety of tasks, guided by the game cards, they record data on pre-printed data sheets. In the course of these activities, students revise their initial hypotheses and justify their explanations of the observed phenomena, taking into account all available evidence and relevant experimental error. Upon completion, students read competing explanations for the observed phenomena. Students take a position and base their explanation on their collected data.

Sound intimidating? Not at all! The Teacher Guide walks the teacher through the game, step by step.

Students will demonstrate the following understandings and abilities1:


1Taken from the National Science Education Standards (National Academy Press, 1996)